about creating music

We at 033 RECORDING STUDIO love to create music. Our recording studio / music studio was built for that very reason. Built as we earlier lacked the opportunity to create music and make recordings – using real high-quality instruments – for a reasonable price. And now we give you the opportunity to make your recordings in the very best way.

Our studio has a control room based on the Universal Audio Apollo Interface. In the studio’s recording room, we have placed a flattering DW Collectors drum set, a Hammond B3 with Leslie 147, a Rhodes Seventy Three MKI, a Nord Grand and a Moog One 16. There is also an Olsson Little Hill rig, a EBS Classic 500 rig, a number of electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Last but not least, we also have some 50 microphones available. Everything from Shure SM57 to Neumann U67 Set. All so that you may create the sound of your desire.

You find the 033 RECORDING STUDIO only four (4) minutes from downtown Borås, in a quiet business area. There are also accommodation options a couple of kilometres from the studio, perfect for the musicians from afar.

A generous Backline – always on standby

At the studio, you’ll find an almost all-inclusive and comprehensive Backline. Should you miss something, we’ll find it at short notice. In the music studio, we apply the Plug and play principle.