Plug and play
The equipment in the studio

Plug and play

Simply put, to us Plug and play means that we solve your recordings without unnecessary friction. With 033 RECORDING STUDIO, you can devote yourself to the creative, avoiding, for example, carrying or rigging. You just need to order from our list, and everything is already set when you get here. We facilitate you and your recording, with high-quality equipment.

And for us, Plug and play also means more. You should always be able to come here and get almost anything when it comes to sound. Need more musicians? A good producer? A well-thought-out mix and / or a well-functioning master? Ideas on how to distribute what you recorded? We’ll fix it. Either directly, using our existing know-how or by quickly adding the extra resources you need. 033 RECORDING STUDIO is Plug and play.

When it comes to vocals, everything is prepared, from rigging the microphones and monitors, to prepared tracks for recording including the backgrounds you’ve sent us earlier. All to make the most of your studio time.

Concerning guitar. Everything is pre-set, with several choices of amplifiers and guitars.

When it comes to drums, the basic rig is a DW Collector’s Maple set. Toms 10” & 12”, Floor Toms 14” & 16”, 22” Kick. And your choice of hi-hats, snares and cymbals. Everything set and rigged for recording.

The same goes for keyboard and bass. Everything is pre-rigged, according to your wishes.

See below for your choice of instruments.

Live room

The recording room is just over 30 m² big and built like an octagon. Here, all corners act as base traps, as there are no 90-degree angles.

The ceiling height is angled from 2.6 to 3.6 meters, cushioned with acoustic tiles. In addition, all walls are built with double insulating wall elements, with air gaps between the sections.

The inner walls are damped with removable acoustic panels – enabling us to control the room acoustics during recording.

Control room

The control room is just over 25 m², and doubles as a recording room for lined instruments.

With recessed screens, the console table offers an ergonomically correct working position with very good visibility.

A 2 x 1 meter insulated glass section towards the recording room provides good communication between musicians and technicians.

Added space

With added spaces of just over 90 m² we offer, among other things, a 10 people conference area. Here you find a 65-inch TV with a JBL Soundbar and an Apple TV for perhaps some Netflix and chill. Last, but not least, you find a classic Iron Maiden pinball machine!

There is a kitchenette with fridge / freezer, microwave and a Nespresso machine, adjacent to the conference room.

In addition to this, there is also an open office area and 2 toilets, one of which has a shower.

CCTV surveillance

For your safety, our whole facility is connected to a camera-based security system from Verisure. A system directly connected to the alarm centre, the police and the fire brigade. In the event of an attempted burglary, Verisure’s ZeroVision smoke generators will fill the premises with a dense, impermeable smoke. The fire alarm is directly connected to the Borås fire rescue.

Interfaces & Mixers

1 x Universal Audio Apollo x4
2 x Universal Audio Apollo x8p
1 x Universal Audio Apollo x16
1 x PreSonus StudioLive 32R
1 x PreSonus StudioLive 32S


Universal Audio Plug-In Library

More than enough… please ask for a list.



1 x Neumann U67 Set
1 x Slate ML-1
2 x Milab DC-196 Anniv. Matched Pair
4 x Neumann KMS 105
3 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure Beta58
1 x Sennheiser e906
1 x Shure SM7B
1 x Røde K2
2 x Line Audio CM3
1 x Audix D6
1 x Sennheiser e901
1 x Shure SM81
4 x Sennheiser MD 421 II
1 x DPA 4011A
2 x DPA ST4011A Matched Pair
5 x Earthworks Audio DM20
2 x Earthworks Audio SR25
2 x Earthworks Audio SR25 Matched Pair
1 x Earthworks Audio SR20 LS (Kick)
1 x DW Moon Mic


1 x Klein & Hummel O300 L
1 x Klein & Hummel O300 R
1 x Klein & Hummel O800 Sub
2 x Aviom A360 Personal Mixers
4 x Aviom A320 Personal Mixers
2 x Yamaha HS8
4 x Shure PSM300 In-Ear
4 x Hear Back OCTO


Guitars & Basses

1 x Sonnemo Strat, Roasted Maple
1 x Sonnemo Tele, Roasted Maple
1 x Sonnemo Vintage Twangster, Ltd.
1 x Gibson Les Paul Std, Custom Shop ’62
1 x Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, P90
1 x Gibson Les Paul Deluxe -73
1 x Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop -73
1 x Gibson Explorer
1 x Paul Reed Smith 509
1 x EVH Frankenstein Frankie
1 x Sundberg OM Acoustic
1 x Gibson J-200 Studio Burst
1 x Guild F-412, 12-String
1 x Esteve Adalid 9Cb Ceder, Nylon
1 x Levin Classic 7, Nylon
1 x Fender Precision Bass
1 x Nash PB55 Bass
1 x Rickenbacker 4003W Bass



Hammond B3 Organ & Leslie 147
Rhodes Seventy Three MKI
Moog One – 16 voices
Moog Subsequent 37
Moog Taurus II
Nord Grand
Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand
Arturia MatrixBrute Noir

Computer & DAW

Apple Mac Pro
(3,2 Ghz 16 core, 96GB RAM, Radeon w5700X 16GB, 4TB SSD)
Apple MacBook Pro 16
(2,4 GHz i9, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD)
Logic Pro X
Universal Audio Luna



Insulander Amplifications Combo
Olsson Little Hill, 112 Creamback
Suhr Badger 30, 112 Veteran 30
Marshall Silver Jubilee, 212 V30
Marshall JCM-800 (Folkesson Mod)
Fender Bassman -67 Head
Roland Jazz Chorus – JC-120
EBS Classic 500, 410 Cabinet


Pedals & Cab Sim

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box
Strymon Iridium Amp/Cab Simulator
2 x Nordland ODR-C (Green/Black)
2 x Nordland ODR-CC+ (Green/Black)
2 x Nordland ODR-C 30th Anniversary
Boss Chorus, Waza Craft CE-2w
Wampler Faux Tape Echo Delay
Wampler Tumnus
Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive
Xotic EP Booster
Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb
UA Golden Reverberator
UA Starlight Echo Station
UA Astra Modulation Machine
J. Rockett Broverdrive
J. Rocket Blue Note Tour
Suhr Woodshed Comp
Revv G4 Distortion


DW Collector’s Maple, Broken Glass SP
Toms: 10”, 12”
Floor Toms: 14”, 16”
Kick: 22”
Pedals: DW 9000 Single & Double
Hardware: Pearl H830, S830 & BC830
Throne: DW 9100M
DW Collector’s Maple 14×5”
Yamaha Steve Gadd Signature 14×5½”
Pearl Metal Sensitone 14×5½”
Ludwig Black Beauty LB417 14×6½”
DW Collector’s Bell Bronze 14×6½”
DW Collector’s Copper 14×6½”
Ice Percussion Mahogany 14×6½”
Pearl Hybrid Exotic 14×8″
Zildjan Custom 14”
Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium 14”
Meinl Byzance Jazz Thin 14”
Meinl Byzance Big Apple Dark 15″
Istanbul Agop 16″
Zildjan K Custom Special Dry Ride 21″
Zildjan K Custom Dark Ride 22”
Zildjan K Dark Thin Crash 16”
Zildjan K Custom Dark Crash 17”
Zildjan K Custom Dark Crash 18”
Meinl Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crash 18”
Meinl Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crash 20”
Meinl Byzance Equilibrium China 20”
Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Splash 10”
Meinl Byzance Trash Splash 10”
Crescent Trash Crash 20″

Specific requests? Ask us, we’ll fix it!