Welcome to our music studio in Borås. Here you can resolve most things, related to sound. Larger or smaller recordings, ranging from simple readings of advertising jingles, to podcasts or whole album productions. No assignment is too small or too big for us at 033 RECORDING STUDIO.

When you have special requests, we have or will get the equipment you need. Our generous Backline is your reliable problem solver.

We are your full-service partner, who also helps you to publish what you record on the digital platform of your preference. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.

Full service
Your partner in music production

High quality
equipment – plug and play

In our recording studio you’ll find both the best of technology and the space to use it. For example, we have a large selection of instruments and microphones.

In addition to recording, mixing and mastering music, you can also record your podcasts, your audiobooks and why not use session musicians.

In the studio you find a recording room, with good acoustics, built like an octagon.

And our control room can also double as a second recording room, to record lined instruments.

coffee & pinball

What would a recording studio be without a space to chill? You can use our conference room, which seats ten. Here you will find a 65-inch TV, a JBL soundbar and Apple TV. In the kitchen area you can use the fridge and freezer, microwave and dishwasher. And of course the Nespresso coffee machine.